If we go down the path that men are the fault, then one needs to realize that due to society men do not value children and family like women do. So asking something of a person that has little to no connection, is sadly like asking for blood from a stone.

The real reality is our society doesn’t understand if “making babies” and “creating wholesome families” are important, they need to build the systems that empower this as the sexy and positive end goal.

Do make note, I am not disagreeing with your observations, but step back and one ask why would men who barely can take care of themselves want or desire to couple and make families? The messaging that is out there does little to support it out side of do you want to swipe left or right.

The reality is it sucks and it shouldn’t be this way, but it is. Will it be fixed? Who knows. As women (and I am happy and glad for this) become uber independent and whole and gain the power they deserve, men over a generation or two will probably take a step back from it all. Why? To sit back and observe the new dynamic, which sadly doesn’t help women who have a hard red line biological clock. When they figure it out, the mating and dating (in real) might not happen until mid-to-late 30’s and then what are the natural biological consequences of that ….

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