If women desire change in men and to handle the negative traits in masculinity, it requires men to lead and build the groups of men as women have done in feminism.

This does not exist.

So when women who have a right to defend their safety and sanity, call out the bad actions, it is a-ok to do so; however, just as men have no say in how a woman acts and feels with femininity the same thing applies.

I have stated this before and with the pandemic highlighting how poorly society has taken care of boys and men (hint ... zero), labeling and generalizing actually takes the fear and anger and amplifies male anger and fear.

So now, what was bad now gets worse, and with no champions or counter positive "feminism" type of group for men, lots of little explosions happen everywhere.

A common statement is shout louder, but you know what it is like hitting the print on your computer expecting a print job to come out when the printer is clogged up, out of paper, out of toner, low on ink, and unplugged.

What will that accomplish?

Scream All Printers are bad! Instead of realizing the damage currently razing men and masculinity is the same virus that was around in the 1890s in 2020.

It is a rough reality.

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