If you look in the 1950's the heavy core coding was done predominantly by women, then when the wages got pumped in men flocked to it.

Now look at the balance.

We live in a capitalistic society, so we should probably look at what it takes to utilize those tools to right size gender in female dominated fields (such as nursing and teaching).

There is a societal gender fix that needs to be done, but at this point to fix society requires both men and women stepping lock step together to fight for this.

The issue is sadly it appears quite a few men are checked out of society. They feel muted or don't have the "words" to talk effectively about these things. Lastly, while people mock horribly well die off already X male or WTF is going men on why don't you fix yourself we have done so.

Quite a few biological males have lost all sense of confidence in themselves and the gender. Like a EKG monitoring a dying patient, women who are thirsty for real masculinity and shared partners and desiring a good society are watching with tears in their eyes as the strain of Toxic Culture of Masculinity takes out men left and right and flatlines men.

With fewer and fewer men (vs biological males) out there, bad behaviors are rewarded because just living and being is considered the badge hood of man, which it is not.

So I have seen the story as I educated myself (by myself) on feminism and became a feminist.

Women are thirsty (not sexual based) for equal partners and if masculinity is akin to water. They are walking in dry creek beds and thin pools which are really tears for the masculinity that has dried up as the men have fallen of the dry waterfall in the world called America.

Meanwhile nurses and professionals are tending the walking dead.

It sucks epically, and it is a horror show of the worst kind. America the Movie not brought to you by 20th century X ... but by 2020 black swan insanity.

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