If you want to see a great cause and effect, look at the Herald Democrat (Based in Sherman/Denison). I am not a native of Texas, but I love Texoma. It has the climate of Napa Valley, the people are really nice and Denison is the birthplace of Eisenhower.

What is interesting is the area has dealt with pandemics before, because there are two very large tribes that make up the Texoma area also. The local paper actually dug in and showed some of the data from the past, including the zones where if you went into an area … if you left you were shot on site.

People (most in fact) don’t read history, but if they did they would see what we are living is not new.

Economically we can’t shut down again. Our economies and business won’t be able to survive the second hit.

My commentary with friends on both sides (I am a feminist white male liberal republican [I know how many oxymorons]) and I stated we have two horseman/person of the apocalypse. Death and Blight. Everyone is hard focused on the first not realizing the second one is literally right behind them.

As I stated I am not a native, but I saw this well of anger in the red and rural areas of Eastern Illinois and West Central Indiana. It built and built and the coastal cities and parties flat out ignored it. What was worse is they assumed that everything was great to the point where in 2008–2015 they believed that the answer to the issues was taxes and health care. The reality is due to the blight horseman which had existed in the Midwest since the 1980’s …. jobs and self sufficiency and low taxes were needed.

This has now been unleashed everywhere, and since a breath from a person is the equivalent of the male rage that can be seen in previous school shootings … no one is safe. In 2012, I did the economics and work and realized it wasn’t safe staying in the Midwest …. Texas was the only place to live and have a chance when the big economic hit would happen within the next decade. I hoped Trump’s win would help us out of the economic malaise, but the constant chaos theory on everything he did subverted what stability there was. If you combine TCJA which was a hail mary to the kick the can approach …. well we are now truly screwed. So this aspect will reinforce the karmic cost of not taking care of one another in the most human way possible.

SARS-COVID-19 + Political Divisiveness + No economic growth (real) since 2007 = perfect karmic epic storm.

Stop and think about this … in 2012 they had to change the GDP calculations by inflating it 2–3% to include things like TV re-runs (The Seinfeld effect). If we didn’t do this …. we might have seen this train wreck coming.

Now we can’t even make masks (we outsourced it) and core medical supplies (Remember medical saline) …. Houston we are in trouble ….. Apollo 13 of 2020.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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