IMO, I don't think it is a big issue, especially since marriage rates are so down "and" by the time folks are ready to get married they are well established in their careers.

I think the bigger question is not the name taking but whether many people will get married at all.

Given equality (and this is a good thing mind you), women are desireing and requesting more from their partners. If we use labor participation rates of men in America as one of the cornerstones (and most people prefer to have a gainfully employed partner), I expect the rates to continue to trend downward.

If we presume the same generational percentage rate drop, one could see it dropping down to 2-3 per 1000.

In America, we need to resolve the disconnect from men and masculinity, equality, diversity, and race. This will take a generation to handle, and IMO then we will bottom out.

The problem will be as seen in Western Europe, the social services framework will collapse first due to labor shortages and wage increases and the requirement to elevate taxes where the wage increases won't matter.

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