Important Note: I agree with you 100% as my discussion is "additive" to yours.

Given the utter destruction of masculinity in America today, how we can think a 19-year old with "1" year of experience can lead and be in charge of adults 18-100?

The right place? In college and in small programs where leadership can be learned with people of the same age range and both genders.

To me personally, this event shows how barren the landscape is. I only "now" believe I have the mental chops to do that kind of work.

I was a President of a Residence Hall in College, held multiple positions in student governments, and always tried to lead groups for work in non-work things.

Even now, I would prefer to see women take the helm ... a 19 year old "boy" ... no no and fuck no.

As for the sexism on the left? I see many men on the left being down right horrible, and you know what? They are empowering apathetic and conservative and republicans to go attack and fight.

The scarier part is in the event of a blue sweep/win, they will feel justified to attack and be even worse then they are now.

We won't heal, and with gridlock we will die as the blight horseman rides and economically rapes blue and urban centers like it has in red and rural and the midwest.

Want to know what American can look like at the end of 2020? Cleveland, Ohio.

Folks will call out the GOP platform hasn't changed, and will make comments. To me that is a signal for the positions are set, the guns are ready, and they are ready to attack now and through the rest of the decade.

For me it makes me cringe ... I love people and there is always folks that will get slaughtered in the cross fire of sexism, racism and hate ....

We need love and empathy and unity to survive.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.