In an equal world this would be considered normal and given where women came from would be the best path forward.

The first casualty in the battle for equality and with the tear down of the patriarchy was chivalry.

As much of my life has had it's issues, the silver lining of going from "player" to demisexual is the fact I very much desire connection. The side effect of it is I so need touch since I have a male's sexual energy (not putting down women's sexual energy which is equal or sometimes more) built up on the inside.

I am sorry for the pains of your travel. The issue from a male point of view is men are now 100% untethered from society. For some they see no value and now apply hedonistic methods to every aspect of life now instead of reserving it as one hot beam for a person (or persons if consensually inclined) for a defined point in time.

What concerns me and scares me (my belief so take it for what is worth) is that women Gen X/Y/Z work hard, build careers, build lifes, and then when they desire the next positive milestone of realtionships and family etc.

The supply of men far exceed the demand from women by 3-4:1. Then when women hard core experience what happens to boys 8-16 later in life ... the hell gets magnified 1000 fold.

I see this horror from outside the glass house women are living in and it makes me extremely sad.

The problem is men don't know how to talk, have no community (positive and good) as women do, and given life has a one-strike policy lose faith and confidence in even trying anymore.

State of America 2020 .... masculinity dissolved.

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