In equality based world where men and women worked together with limited issues, definitely.

The problem will still be cost for maintenance of the little Hans Solos ... But since gender relations in a heterosexual sphere is not all peaches and "cream". One would have to ask a woman how horny she would be for him if he gave off the vibes of being a high-minded low producer. I am just picturing a .. with this turkey baster we thee wed (or a turkey baster on the relationship list).

You are absolutely correct, both genders lose loss of viability as time goes on. I see this with my wife and I's horse business where we do AI work. The older the sperm and the older the mare, the harder (or not harder) the whole situation is. The reality is it isn't a rapid drop it is a constant single digit loss which compounds over time. So 35 it doesn't drop like a rock but the drops in viability drops, and given the traditional view for women sticking to older or similar with guys, add the guys drop off we have a perfect-ish storm-ish.

As for you friend, I am surprised thought you didn't hit back with you'' shoot your eye out, or good to the last drop, but I know your filters were firing off at 110% :)

Stress does matter, so in that place where men try to make children to 1990s oh boy (hello VR). Imagine those fun relationship dynamics stating honey, why don't we make this a "we" experience. I will lay back you put your mining hat and talk like a West Virginian and say ... lets go mining for sperm.

A snarky rebuttal would be ... the nightmare at the shop is real, sadly if I read into the intent in the words (shame on me I know for being judgy), if it is him. Well, oh boy he is in for trying times.

Now on a serious note ... how many men do you know have GPs. There were doctors that lamented the loss of coverage of Viagra (no joke most guys can't get it with insurance unless their ticker is bad ... which is counter to what people think.

Reproductive issues for guys come around weight, cardio ability, and diet over their entire life. There was even a medical case I believe where anxiety in a guy who hate a certain kind of nut, caused a marked drop in viability.

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