In my local paper (I support newspapers), there was a guy that literally is the poster child for alt-right rants.

I sent a letter to the editor after seeing the same discussion "discussed" over and over.

Biden is all about communism etc ... I stated to the editor, please consider mental health therapy for your op-ed editor. I wanted to say he lives in a very white enclave where the folks are super nice and the pains and hells are no where "where" a lot of people live.

I even told him since he has the digital proofs, count up the word communism, socialism, and terrorism in the last four "articles".

Each side has their boogeyman, and they work hard on triggering folks, and yet "sheepishly" cry out oh dear god Facebook (err meta) how dare you!

I agree with the premise of fear you talk to; however, let me add a twist from my POV. Quite a few of these folks are mentall ill. Any sane or rational person would not act the way they do, and this crosses the political spectrum.

We saw it with Trump and we will see it now with Biden, and we saw it with Obama and Bush .... It is messed up.

I call out these discrepancies in the past, how dare you! IT breaks our mental message. I stated I have seen what the GOP can do, and to think the DNC doesn't do the same thing is laughable, considering if you put the parties on a political scale and compare them to the world, you will find that the GOP is right-right and the DNC is left-right.

Oh the horrors ...

For those that fear communism and socialism, there is a right and wrong path. Socialism is not entirely bad, but it requires a higher purpose. A Benedictine Monetary is a socialism oriented setup, Russia which failed is a communism one. See the good and bad?

That being said (and I have seen folks freak out when I say this) ... Capitalism is about enthusiastic consent, and social is about forced consent.

If a person isn't triggered and I can talk to them, I will continue on in such that one has to build in frameworks from making the forced consent not happen and the enthusiastic happen without financial bondage and slavery.

So yeah ... so very much agree with your setup. As for me, what I learned is something that aptly comes from "War Games" .... how do you win the game ... by not playing.

On the fun side, my area is finally working on recognizing the 1930 travesty from Sherman, where a black man was burned to death. It sucks it has taken 90 years to make this happen, but progress is slow in the valleys of fear ...

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