In the 1990s I got a major in Accounting, and at the time. I had a strong affinity for computers and technology and had two offers one with an accounting firm and another with a higher tech work at the university.

I took the university job, and later found out that per the book "what color is your parachute", which was one of the go to books of the employment times, that I was one of the 2%.

Knock on wood, I have had to fight hard through so many dot-com implosions and economic crashes it would make your head spin. Literally 20 years of gee another layoff how awesome.

Gen X and Gen Y were fucked over hard as hell. The thing that I did which was different is I took your advice you are saying now.

There was a cost. I don't have a family nor kids, I am married and in a long term relationship. But constant travel and working 60-80 hours a week, which BTW is the only way you can survive and thrive the American "Dream" is not great for work/life balance.

So do take your advice, but remember in today's times you have to put a lot of hours and energy in it and be very smart with the jobs and what you take.

Why? Because whatever you do can be done someone outside of the country for <$15/hr ...

There is a reason it is called a rat race ... and it epically sucks ...

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