In tribal societies the first casualty is humor, and it is ironic that our society is mimicking a born again christian summer camp. Everyone is offended, and what is funny if a person attempts to use tangent and parallel stories to describe something uncomfortable, then they are not taking things seriously and as such deemed offensive.

Welcome to the world of being in power and of a heightened position and in a a weird parallel world way creating a woman’s only club.

Women have PH.ds in discussion and talking in gender relations, while men are still in middle school and being older trained stoicism, don’t expect men to respond and expect them to be shut down for far longer than the joke and humor exists.

A “social medium” friend in a “closed” political group made observations has being a newly man minted in the 50 year old group, and he made the observation of LA, where he was shocked that he saw patterns in LA now of what his father reiterated to him being a “rich” American white man in the Asian continent 50 plus years ago (50 year old men and 20 year old women trying to become American) …. Another person brought up a current phenomenon ….. I wonder why they use the word sugar in sugar daddy isn’t it funny, when there are no sugar plantations like they had in Asia ….

I do hope one day civility and the ability to have enough respect for one another comes back so we can have humor, since all of the humor being spouted in social media is no different than the sad cartoons of the 19th century.

I just shook my head as I was reading “The Five” which put the “horrors” of today, in a very interesting perspective given what women had to deal with back in the age of Jack the Ripper …

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