Instead of managing sexual activity, we should teach about consent. If the concern is about engaged sex, even with consent for underage humans, then we should be concerned about birth control and the consequences of sexual intimacy.

We get concerned about pregnancy or STDs, but then neglect the whole spectrum of the view that sometimes sex is about mutual masturbation through the act of penetration (i.e. two human’s lusting after one another due to thirst, who aren’t friends but may become friends maybe ….)

If management of sex is a thing we need to be concerned about, then we should talk openly and assertively about masturbation and sharing that the Biblical view of not “dropping” one’s seed in the ground is immoral.

We should also teach first and foremost that sharing and equality is the basis of love, so if the guy “orgasms” first, then on the next round it is his imperative to take care of his partner next and if not now on the next time.

Guys should be trained and educated that penetration does not make one weak, and in fact it makes them strong (this could talk about non traditional acts are not unnatural if cleanliness is followed) …. I laugh because with the Syfy show The Magicians ….. they used wonderful phrases such as …. grow a vagina, or

“Don’t cock out on me. I would have said pussy, but let’s be honest which one is stronger?” — Ref1

Body Autonomy is important to me …. (period) … but one wonders if our society is so willing to snip off a large part of the sensitivity on a boy at birth or at the age of 13 if you are Jewish …. why not a vasectomy. These are discussions that should be had but aren’t and because they aren’t … we are less as a culture and humanity.

Like I have shared …. I was told unless I had kids and raised a family I wasn’t a man. When my current partner visited me and my parents we had to sleep in separate rooms …. (even though at the time she was pregnant [another sad story for another time]).

Women are screwed over in the wrong possible way at so many levels, and men are too … we need to be more human not less …. or else what is the point?


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