Interesting Evening.

I am not sure from which pool of love and grace I was blessed with last night, but I woke up to a fun kundalini experience last night, with names whispered to me (out of privacy they are kept private). I then read a wonderful article by Kaia 🌀 Tingley (thanks for the call out), and went back quick to sleep again. A little bit later (not sure if it was 10–15 minutes or 70–75 minutes due to time change. I woke again to another wave, and this was different.

I full white light circle ring that turned into a circle like face with horizontal slits for eyes and a smile. Then a full rush went from head to toe. I had some discomfort earlier in the day due to drug side effects and dealing with a sore hip from horse riding. All the pain went away and a warm feel went over me and went away.

I fell back asleep. When going to the bathroom, I had a small bloody nose, which is something I never have/had before. My body today feels a helluva a lot less discomfort than the day before when Tylenol+Ibuprofon was needed.

As I track sleep and health metrics, call me a geek. My Withings and Fitbit stuff caught it. Why it is meaningful is it happened with REM.