Iraqi War I, Kosovo, 9/11, Afghan war (no Gen Y can’t own it all completely)

We had the crashes of early 1990’s, Dot-com implosions 2000–2004, 9/11 crashes, The Great Recession and now Depression 2.0

We were expected to fund the Baby Boom Generation at our expense 100%, since one generation pays for the previous.

Gen X has never known peace, no war, or anything in between. What we did do was have more children then our generation was made of, which is something we achieved at a better rate then the Baby boomers who failed miserably at doing their biological imperatives.

Sure we don’t sing by the campfire, but remember we were the kids that were left at home (i.e. abandoned/neglected) and then are 100% looked over as the only generations were Baby Boom and Gen Y/Z?

Um sure…. We are the Jedi of the generations …. figure out what genre of cosplay character the generation wants to be.

Most Gen X are handling this “quarantine” with no to minimal issues. Why? Because this is how we grew up because there was no internet and limited home pursuits to keep us entertained. We were smart enough to birth the smartphones and mobile internet which everyone seems to take for granted now ….

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