It does to me, but I always thought I was weird. Before I read the articles here by Yael Wolfe and Gaby Rosales and others, I had NO IDEA that some women “actually” enjoyed it.

I was blown away.

Before this enlightenment, I liked sex during periods because of the extra “lube,” and because I felt by having sex while she was in pain, it would help release the pain.

Now the genuinely connected and fantastic thing is I was chit-chatting with my Editor Gaby after I released my poem “The Feather” this morning, and before I read this one.

My gut had a desire to write a poem about masculinity and the deep desire to be with his partner after her first period “after” pregnancy.

Then I see this and Yael’s latest article, and I had my first real “part of the community moment”. It is weird, but who knows, maybe nature is trying to tell me something. The past ten days, I was hands deep in natures, animals, and all of that so while my hands feverishly typed. As you can see at 95 on a 105 day, the animals are zonked taking a nap, which is what I feel like doing now :)

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