It hurts for that I am sorry that a relationship had to be ended, but also given your unique situation which sadly isn’t unique for a lot of women in our society you did the right thing.

This word is not the best word, but congratulations on holding a boundary line and wall. It is hard AF when a person enters a fork in the road to know if one has the ability to survive going down the wrong path.

Some folks may question the specifics, but the Crux of it is it is like Indiana Jones searching for the Holy Grail. One does have to choose a cup, and actively dip it in and consume. It is life.

Stupid analogy but make note every relationship reaches a critical point when a series of decisions and actions rest on a single action and how a person reacts and acts.

Time gives a person the experience to drink and be reborn multiple times in the hardest “game” in life. Love and relationships. Of course this isn’t a game, but we are all gods and goddesses in creating a union, where words are our weapons and intent is the final blow.

For folks that may struggle with how a point like this matters? I suspect Kerry had talked about her past and situation to him, and if he wasn’t sensitive to know that this was a red button topic, then the problem is that. He is a man walking in the dark stumbling in a way that says I may have the chemistry, but I don’t have the relationship skills to survive and navigate this person.

Does it make him a bad person? No.

Does it make him bad at relationships? Yes.

Should a woman have to do the emotional labor to educate him at her expense? No.

I am sorry your life went sidewise in the era of Covid, given the extra special benefits of partnership.

Thoughts to you and any other single folks during this era of low to no touch, and high anxiety.

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