Alan Tegel
2 min readJun 23, 2020


It is a balance (mother nature) that a hyper majority of people in America just don’t get at all.

I laugh at my duality. For a long time, I was sitting in first class drinking my drinks and watching the land go by. I would walk to work in downtown San Jose, eat drink work and be merry.

Hell, there were times I got locked down with the workers in a pub and then they hailed me a cab to the airport so I could go home for the weekend.

I have also had my hands up a mare helping birth happen. I have had to use “that” hold on a horse whose hyoid bone sever’d his main artery so we can put it down. I have experienced raw nature ….

I also am highly allergic (even to cats), but I have 6 in the house.

To live on earth means you have to be all-in with nature and life.

It also means understanding that sometimes nature says leave me alone …. give me peace and if I trust and care for you …. I will show up and be there and oh boy/girl …. when I am there you will want me to never leave.

I chuckle with rabid SJW’s (not you … you are balanced and awesome) on climate. I laugh … climate change … hell I see it every day to say that it doesn’t exist or there isn’t impact is laughable …. also to assume man is the sole reason for it is also the same. E.g. I have walked through a cold spout on my property and I have seen Charlie Brown rains … i.e. 9' radius rains on a sunny day. I have also seen double rainbows ….

I appreciate it greatly …

So seeing you are a wolf type person is awesome …. embrace it … and remember the 100/400 lens from Canon takes “amazing” nature photos …. time for you to save up for it :)

Be well, embrace mother nature, the goddess, and whatever belief you hold dear and realize I smile seeing your bound through the fields like a wolf/coyote in tall weeds …. why? because you are free.



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