It is a big win. My bigger concern is not this icon, but the fact that for the good part of 20-30 years, you have millions of boys and men in the past and into the future, will be graced with the environment that he helped spawn.

As I wrote on a column by Vanessa Torre, women across the spectrum are coming to grips to the damage done on the side of men and that rips through the gender and society like a nasty virus.

I am not anti-porn, I am against those that treat consent and respect as a zero sum game.

Women should go after them hard and nail the perpetuators, but folks should take a look at the the entire swath of Gen X/Y/Z since they infection has damaged masculinity so bad, that women will wake up desiring male companionship to find out everyone of them is the walking dead.

Then starved like men, what will happen to women ... I don't know ...

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