It is a book from the 1960s, the worlds of gender are vastly different in 2020 then 60 years ago.

But folks should remember that the women were the most powerful ones in this book. The hero was only granted this savior-ship because a woman granted and trained him on the schools reserved for women.

Most of the men are meant to be shallow as it is symbolic of how incomplete men are without being fully formed with masculinity and femininity.

Now I don't know the breakdown of how it was produced and the gender breakouts. If it was 100% guy oriented, I would have to ask them. Are you absolutely sure that there were no women who were fans of the book? Or was it a case that women did not want to work on a male-centric viewed movie? I don't know

Now, because it is a very large body of work. There are opportunities to address your concerns. Instead of changing the body of work, I would feel the better fight would be to make sure there is diversity in production.

You have no argument that we have a lot of work to go. When this book came out women could not get a mortgage on a house, and now we have an imbalance happening in higher education with nearly 60% of the students being women.

As for the male centric view, the education and tending and care of men is still no different in 2020 then it was in 1960. So unless society works together on issues of femininity and masculinity, we will be stuck in a slow grinding future.

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