It is a great show, since it helps those that are truly lost find themselves. I look forward to seeing it for the next season.

To me they are the nurses and doctors of social plight for men who due to culture literally have no one. Instead of stating the stock phrases from feminist theory they apply action oriented items for the guys to help them find themselves in a male oriented way.

If your sexuality prefers femininity as a man, and your biology lines up the traditional, they provide the extra insight to unblock a man’s emotions and gain the tools needed to look and act presentable for the higher standards of women today. This isn’t a bad thing, since it isn’t like taking an 6 and making the guy an 8 on a looks scale (used as an example), but about a person who is a 6 and feels and lives like a “1” be the 6 or 8 they could be.

A guide for guys since patriarchy and toxic masculinity are trigger words, modify them as follows
Patriarchy = the system of toxic culture built upon masculine conquer or be conquered mentality
toxic masculinity = toxic CULTURE IN masculinity

If you want to know what toxic femininity is, think of mean girls, gold diggers, and women that use mens desire to protect and serve for their own benefit.

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