It is a male submission poem, where a male has a kink about being dominated by a woman. It is about embracing what you like and living and being your all. It is about not living a lie, and not letting society run your life for you.

For some guys, it is this. For other guys, it is being about being a white knight hero saving the damsel in distress. Others desire poly life styles, some desire pure monogamy and tradition.

It is all about you being you, and being 100% honest with yourself and with your partner "and" with the relationship between you two.

If it isn't about something you like, then it is ok. Find what fits your perfect mold and as long as you feel and treat people with respect, care, and love, that is what it is all about.

If we step back and we flip the analysis script on relationships, intimacy, sex, and love. What do we have?

App Dating, transactional sex where people use either other, marriage rates in the mid-teens, people living isolated and alone. Women and men lonely and getting so thirsty that they are willing to compromise "everything" just to have sex.

I will tell you wouldn't want to live my life. I have had several therapist surprised that with all the real first world trauma I have lived, the traditional upbringing I had, and all of what does to men in our society, that 90% plus of guys like myself would have killed themselves, been in jail, been heavy addicts or just a lot of other things.

I work in a high stress, high paying job, have a horse farm, am married and in a relationship (monogamous) for a long while. My partner is highly vanilla too boot, but I work with and through things. I also have lived a crazy life too.

If you step back and look at the details in the poem you are going to see some commonality where a man and a woman "achieve" the traditional marriage. You can also see references for how a woman with deep sexual desires have been shunned and she elevated herself above it. These are taboo things for a woman to be like this, in the same way that a male that submits is also the same.

It speaks an underlying current of being 100% honest in the relationship to each other and "being" true to each other with no bullshit and good communication. If you are not into BDSM ( no judgement from me ), there is one thing you need to realize. Communication is elevated and critical because of what is being done.

The poem has a lot of lower level details in it, and yet at the end of the poem, what do they do?

They go for dinner and to what would be a boring AF thing for most people. A reading of a book at a bookstore.

Divinity of two souls as one because they found each other and loved each other fully.

It is more then sex, or kink also. Even if you look at the picture you will see references that play off of each other ... the black and white. The starkness, the fact that she is clothed fully versus societies baring it all and what not.

The poem it isn't about pain and domination, but it is. It is about giving over one's inner self to another fully and completely, and doing so in a way that excites and entertains.

It is a complex and layered poem, but for some it can be extremely erotic, because there is enough blanks setup to allow the man or woman to sit back and inject their fantasies.

If you feel sad or depressed it is ok. Please do talk to someone, as I have done the same in my life. One shouldn't feel limited or bad for reading erotica as it is not a judgement on the person. If you are reacting, dig deep down and find what is causing you this discomfort and find someone you truly and deeply trust and work it out.

You will be so much happier and better too.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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