It is a men's issue and there are plenty of statistics to back it up. The problem is there are no solutions, because society has not put a premium on the education of boys into authentic men in a way that is safe and in a style that communicates the how, what, where, and why. As such there is no working centralized model, and masculinity and its integration into society is distributed and individualized.

Because of this with the teardown of traditional and religious centralization, men like horses have fled from society's barn.

Should men do better? Absolutely, but the ones causing all the carnage have lost all regulators on their emotions and have become animalistic. One needs to see the value in society to want to work and regulate their carnal desires, and given society stating men's bad mantra ( even with it being 100% correct) it creates a situation where self fulfilling prophecy happens. Why? Men are depressed, so they self medicate with drink, porn, games, food or whatever.

Women stepping up is awesome, but to a depressed man it means their feelings of worthlessness are amplified, which means they will never be desirable so why bother.

Then at some point they explode.

Men see this ticking time bomb and steer clear since to fight that darkness means one has to go and tap that inner darkness in their soul.

The answer is obviously therapy and a lot of group work, and for quite a few guys no exposure to women until they have their shit worked out.

Women created feminism and have grouped into tribes to fight this blight. Men have no such groups, so it is a go solo or be labeled as a non man "man" to quite a few guys, which puts a violent target on their back.

Point examples are awesome gay men and transgender women, where they get the full force of violence of men on men.

It is ironic that how does one fix the completely broken when they are the most privileged?

The first thing we need to realize is as a society we have done zero for raising boys into authentic men. Also, as such this lack of resourcing basically infers all men are disposable ... At the core for some men ( not my view mind you ) because men can't birth children they are not seen of value ...

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