It is a super power, that is why I wish more women to lead. The thing is to do this in our world means they need to self love themselves and empower their inner masculine spirits, then work back and love their feminine side.

If society wishes to heal, a blended matriarchy and patriarchy system needs to be made. We all know the white knight tales where women romanticize and fantasies prince charming.

Some of that can be done; however, we need to empower the empathy, sympathy and the view that the best humans to protect the home and provide within the home may need to be male.

The question is how to bridge the deep and dark divide with men, and harness the raw and pure passion and let it be seen that the most beautiful and amazing women will want and desire them with amazing passion and love.

Empower less the traditional CEO, rock star, 5-star athlete, and more the guy as a nurse who is able to manage a home. A man that can teach and raise children etc.

Roles do need to be flipped around and appreciated and taught. I have stated this elsewhere, for schooling children. Girls should learn self defense first and then teach younger boys how to attack and defend. Boys should be taught home making skills first and conversely teach younger girls.

De-gendering expectations is necessary.

In business, one of the most amazing moments for me was when a high level VP (who was a woman) saw the level of work and precision and craziness I did.

Most male exec's just waive their hands and wonder.

My skills are empathy, kindness, reliability, and persistence. I walk the talk, and aim for a high bar of performance.

I love strong female leads and leaders. I don't fear them, I embrace them, and I wish more men did the same.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.