It is amazing to me how little people truly get how power play works. Honestly, I do know if I have future relationships before intercourse happens we will be talking about these topics.

Why? Because regardless if it is used and even if a woman is really traditional I want them to know that liberation means equality 100%. That means I will expect her to take full control and be the dominant for some of the time. If she can’t then we can’t have intercourse, because I have a duality in me that needs to be fed.

Now for alpha women that own it, I expect the reverse too, I expect them for some of the time not all learn about true submission. Do note it doesn’t have to be 50/50 but it can be 80/20 or 90/10 etc, but there has to be some element, for which equality can be felt and understood.

Feminism and BDSM actually line up really well because consent is critical, communication is critical, respect is critical, and equality is the basis of it because the bottom is in charge while the top is the service through submission.

So hell yes, a feminist woman can be submissive, because you know being alpha and a warrior for others rights are exhausting. If she finds a partner she fully trusts, then the pleasure and release of joy by submitting to her daddy/master makes her feel free.

As a feminist man, I am here to use my privilege and protector vibe with empathy and sympathy to reduce her safely to a puddle of sex and love and deeply entranced in sub space.

On the flip side, my desire for submission is extra tasty because the taboo in a patriarchal society is quite delicious. I.e. as long as consent and respect are their.

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