It is an article that is like this, that makes me feel better if things ended in my partnership, that I wouldn't be a "freak" to a future partner. The fact there are so many "woke" or to quote another author "sharks" in the pool of men for women, that I as a "dolphin" will look and smell like one .

See, I need to talk, I need to share what is in me to even "go there". I do get pangs of jealousy seeing women and men that just can go drop the pants and go. I am not some virginal tech geek in the parents basement sniffing markers and glue. I have life experience and "baggage" from living hard and long and all-in.

So, yeah ... that is just how I am and will be. Trust me those trust doors are open both ways, and honest is there, there is literally no limits since I am built for unconditional love. The thing is folks like this, hurt are sensitive, and will be thirsty / needy a bit more because transactional love is no different than masturbation ....

Once you taste connected love and intimacy, it is like believing a McDonalds burgers are the pinnacle of meat when compared against the choicest angus filet properly seasoned and prepared in the kitchen of nirvana.

Sure the first satisifies the hunger, but the second makes you just sit there and drool and want more.

Folks like yourself, and frankly a lot of the connected and liberated women (and men if we chit chat) are the Morton's of the world ...

Did I tell you that dessert is even more divine :-p

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