It is called the rat race, and given men in a patriarchal system have been required by that system to work or not be a man, there are men now in larger numbers saying no.

If we are truly a free society, and personal body autonomy which includes time management and personal life energy consumed … to state that a person must without their consent “do” something.

Now that (thankfully too and yeah for women!) equality is here, women are starting to go ugh …. For women, given natural selection, they should be glad that men are doing this. Why? That means they will get promoted and rise up faster and farther in the organization.

When I was in college I worked summers as a teller at a small bank. There were a few branches I would float in to support, where I was the only guy. This was the 1990’s and I was generally the one that worked harder than the others. It was funny/ironic (but if we look at in the 2020 view of life), they had a sign up in the break room that sexual harassment would be graded in this office, and yes my ass was the one getting slapped.

The problem we see now is that boys and quite a few men see little to no value in the current society so they do the bare minimum acceptable. They are rebelling against the patriarchal system in their own way, the problem is the way some are doing reduces productivity and company health.

There are ted talks out there that talk to the failing education system for boys, because they have no real male role models to mimic. Education for some men is a very threatening place (I am talking K-12) since most schools are heavily run by a female presence, and with zero tolerance policies for anything, leads to large scale drop outs of boys from education.

This leads to a lack of supply of educated and work ethic related men for some industries and given diversity …. means weaker less suitable men get jobs.

Picture that future, where jobs in the future are lost by women to men because of diversity and given our parenting and societal upbringing of men is still pretty much piss poor (i.e. we are just in the infancy of the woman’s suffarage understanding for me one hundred years later …. the roles will have reversed and now the with women slowly being more in the dominant role, they will have to figure out how to work in this style of environment (which sucks).

The other option is to just fire away, but then society will have to deal with a lot of idle angry men, and we know what happens when that happens ….

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