It is. I am a not a small guy but I am a victim of sexual violence. When women I am friends with know my past and spend time with me knowing who I am, they share more.

It happens a lot and most women you have met over their life have had experiences, which they don't share.

I had a dinner tonight at a Red Lobster bar. Me and another woman who was keeping to herself, but she knew the staff, and I heard her even say she was drunk.

She needed to step out to have a smoke, what she did was cover her drink and did things to it so she could detect if it had been messed with.

So when you leave a bar with 1/2 pint left, do you worry about someone tampering with it? Most guys don't, because they don't know the threats that happen.

My wife has never been raped or had violence from another man. I have made sure she was safe even in college, and guys tried to get her when I stepped away. I have been hyper vigilante for her, but she is one of the more rare ones. One of her horse woman friends travels between the Western States and Texas. She carries a 9mm because US-35 is a major highway for sex trafficking. I have gone with my wife with trips up to Kansas, and a few times she has stated "some wierdo" is staring at me (my seat was reclined as I was napping). I sat up and the guy sped away or moved on or started up verbally.

Take the time and research the violence against women and you will be sickened and surprised at how common place it is.

Here is an older study if you are curious.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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