It is interesting that a therapist had me use transgender women in my masturbation to help me understand and reboot my masculinity. Once I processed this (through therapy and not through using another human being), I figured out I was a pansexual, and that it was the combined experience of the femininity and masculinity within the other person that I desired intimacy with.

It was huge and took several years to process and resolve (I have survived sexual abuse and rape so I have the baggage that I processed).

What I have learned on my path is how very important it is when having intimacy and bonding with people that don't conform to traditional societies norms to try to use the right words and educate oneself.

Now, if my current relationships ends I would definitely welcome very warmly desire a relationship with a transgender person, and work with all of my fun kinks which I have a plethora of.

Having interests is not bad, in fact it is wonderful, but unless the partner is into objectification and humiliation, then treating one like that is a no-no.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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