It is more a projection of the insecure on their bodies and not being happy with them. It is about seeing a person's core intent being shown (e.g. I am going to control what I desire the most).

It is also about the desperation and thirst people have from being lonely, and sad and horny AF.

In my view there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, one has to wonder if people were required to see each other fully naked, would it remove some of the taboo and the edge cases where people are violent and lose their mental state.

Guys could gawk, but guess what in that world. Gawkers would draw attention to themselves where they would be stared at in return, so any flaws they had would and could be seen too.

People constrain themselves for image and for safety. It is when the fear demon sits on the throne in the house and says oh yeah.

On the flip side, some interesting things might be seen too. E.g. the view that guys are always horny and are crazy with desire (if one uses physical markers). It would also show the health (or lack there of for some guys), which may draw a non stoic or stength oriented view of what masculinity is.

So, set the nipples free and be liberated, and then women can know via physical observation the core intent of others (one headlight at a time :) [to add levity]).

If clothes are deemed necessary, then guys should do the same in return.

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