It is never too late to be fully honest and love yourself for who you are.

The other way for folks that have gender spirits that line up with the biology, think of it like the transition from child to adult, the only difference now with the help of science and hormones it just happens a bit later and it does take time.

I just SMH somedays in seeing people think that human beings are binary or one dimensional. It does say something and it isn’t about the outlier per the view, but the reality of how shallow and closed mind and simple the person assuming is.

At the end of the day, who wants to sleep, be intimate, or engage with someone that simple? Not me.

That is why if my current relationship ever ends (personally), and I look for my next partner it is all about my partners femininity and how it balances with mine, and conversely how her masculinity blends with my internal femininity.

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