It is no different than a person that does long distance walks or runs. At some point, your soul purpose is the goal and nothing more.

With domination it is the same thing as two people are transferring massive amount of energy and love and focused like a laser on each other.

When I dominate my favorite activities are ones that involve predicaments and situations where the pleasure becomes not so pleasurable but the person doesn't want it to stop.

If I can get my partner into the state where the only focus is on the pleasure and the pain and the discomfort and the battle is between her ears and when her body will give out. Edging is a fantastic technique to use, especially on a multi-orgasmic women, or to help women who haven't had that pleasure "find it" .....

Her mind should become a blank slate at the end.

When I am submitting, it is the same thing. I want to do everything in my power to please my dominant partner.

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