It is quite amazing how our biases and assumptions coupled with our society pops up and says hello. After reading your experience it made me think and say hmm. How does she feel with the knowledge that the injuries impact was about the confidence loss on the inside due to a physical loss of capability and not a confidence loss based upon appearance or appeal to society and men and women and whatever else. It gives a great side example of wow I thought you really knew me but I just found out you really don’t and now that hurts.

As a man, who isn’t really judged an appearance it in a way is exact opposite of what I have felt. Since this happens guys have little to no idea of the impact since it is a foreign thing to experience. I have more thoughts on this, but I am struggling to build the words to add and I don’t want to distract from this core part.

The one positive benefit you have now FWIW is guys and ladies are much more aware then it was in the 1990s, which of course was a quantum leap better then my generations parents.

Thank you for the share.

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