It is serious. I have had SARS and MERS. It knocked me on my ass for 3 weeks each time, and it felt like someone was taking a baseball bat to them.

I survived because I was in my 20's and 30's, barely.

I moved to Texas and found I moved to the most toxic allergy place I could pick on the planet, I now have allergic asthma. If I moved to a nice exotic beach island no drugs would be necessary.

I researched this because I am on special immunotherapy drugs that mess with IgE and really do neutralize allergies for me, but the drug side effects (it is bad).

So I research, I have data and I talk to doctors. I do science and math related things so I know how to deal with exponential trending and curves and statistics and tails and multi-factor issues.

I have a horse farm, we fought nasty pathogens (Strangles) which was given from an infected horse and that caused two mares to abort as the disease breached the placenta, and we had to put an immunocompromised horse. We use clean methods to kill nasty pathogens. We even dealt with rabies.

So I am not a medical professional, but I get it and work it out.

I have worn P100 masks. In fact my proof to people is I show them how I bought the last two ones on Amazon in Feb. when I knew this would go to shit.

I wear a mask, and give evil eyes to people that don't.

People are clueless, they really are. They gaslight because they truly are not smart, and they pretend to be because there is a google search bar on their smart phone.

People are also mean. They have politicized this whole shit show, and I mean both sides are wickedly bad and wrong. Folks that talk politics when people are dying are the lowest of low. Take pleasure that Trump will be effected because someone will die or shoot a poll about it .... look in the mirror.

You maybe the issue.

We have an infodemic to go with the pandemic. We also have economic blight that the midwest knows well that will reap and rape people of their jobs and livelihoods. It is coming in 2021.

How do you combat this IMO.

You read news from papers that print. You avoid comments sections like the plague, and if meme fest is there ...scroll on by. Protect yourself. Love your family and friends and keep in contact.

Participate in high value media. Medium is pretty good about this . For the ass-hats out there ... block them or mute them.

Love your self. If you are single, this is a rough time. Seriously take time, find a toy and get rid of the shame and participate in loving you. If you are with someone ... work on the relationship.

Be human and wear a mask.

For folks that believe you are overreacting? Well, question your friendship because if I care for someone I don't shame or blame them and I don't make them feel small. Consent and respect matters.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.