It is the dual edged sword of being popular and polarizing.

This is what happens when you have areas neglected for 40 plus years by urban and coastal areas. Now the DNC will reap what they sow on the uphill battle because one can strip away the race, but the reality is they can' stoke on an even bigger fear.


So for every stab at Trump with Putin and Russians, AOC gets the equivalent pain of being a communist.

How they can twist this is easy. Kicking an All-American Company "Amazon" out of her area.

It has come down to a staring contest. Folks don't like one group, and others don't like the other. Toss in the social media and media biases, and poof you have hate that now will last through a generation.

Want to know how a Civil War truly starts? Review America from 1992 to 2020 and compare it to America from 1820-1860.

The way people have been talking for the last four years, no side has a reason to want to come to the centrist dinner table and "talk" about the commonalities we all have, and instead we want to feast on the sweet and delicious division of the corner edge cases while watching Reality TV in the corner and surfing our phones at the table in the echo chambers of life.

I don't like her politics, but I do like her moxie and spunk. Does that mean I would disrespect her? No. Could I have a dinner and drinks and argue / debate politics? You betcha. The real reality though is this ... I am a rare bird and appreciate the divisions and differences between us all and I believe in building compromise and solutions.

Most don't because they only believe in only their tribe, and mock the rest.

We all deserve better.

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