It is the equivalent of forced consent. I lead a diversity group in the 1990s at a college I went to.

I started with new folks with a simple question:

Is it worse to be a bigot or prejudiced?

A majority of the time folks would assume bigot is the worst, and then I would start the process and bring up POC to talk about racism

Prejudice is worse because you actively have the knowledge and you still prejudge. Bigots don't have the knowledge.

So with that frame, those that are proclaimed liberal and act racist (liberal and living in California) are far worse then those living in red and rural areas where they do not have the exposure.

Both are "bad".

It is also why when you see the liberal "Karens" come out, they actually through their toxic advocacy make it harder for good women like yourself to make it through the day. What is worse is they smile in the mirror at night at their greatness and ego, while you feel the tears of pain.

It is why Biden's rise with next to zero effort or work is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Look at what Warren and Kamala had to do to be on that stage. As a swing voter and an oxymoron (Liberal Republican), do you know how distasteful it is to vote for a Trump-look alike?

Some folks will sometimes jump on this comment and state but Trump this and Trump that, and ignore the fact that he is 99% similar. Why? Prior to 2015, Trump was a Democrat, who is now running as a Republican. He figured out Republicans know how to win and run races, while Democrats do not.

So next time a person sees him make a comment about women or gives a non-consensual hug just remember he was a politician that pushed the harshest criminal laws against POC as a senator. Meanwhile, he road the coat tails of Obama who did all the hard work, while he managed (or mis-managed a senate) ....

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