It is the taboo and also to try to figure out how to fill the creative hole in ourself.

For me I see women in pain all the time, as such I desire them to be liberated, and nothing says liberation like an o-face to what she loves the most.

My goal is to help make the environment safe so she is free to do so.

It also means raising the masculinity bar so more folks that are friends join up to be strong.

Interestingly enough, lesbian porn hasn't been something I watched much of, but I have zero issue with watching it and helping my partner if she desires it to make it her reality.

The big thing for her to understand (and why I might not empower it) is my need for sex and connection with my partner is strong. I don't want her to get the mixed message that I want to love another woman in my bed. The only way is if she wanted to be a cuckqueen and got off on that voyeurism.

Then :) watch out because the words I would whisper and try to get her to whisper (in the later case) will send shivers up her spine.

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