It is very important, because if women who can be assumed to have been assaulted are rarely believed, men are never believed (even today). God help the guy who gets assaulted by another, because it is very likely intimate partners will respond with the “well you must be gay”, and if one uses patriarchy as the backstop …. what little confidence a guy has will be gone …..

I am super glad women are achieving equality and pulling up the ladder to full empowerment. The unintended consequence is now given guys total lack of being able to manage the heart and mind with sex well (if at all) guys are ultra vulnerable to manipulation and life time damage.

Women have skills and powers now (whooo hooo), but it will also place them in the position men have been where they can cause damage.

The one thing I don’t wish on the female gender is the raw emptiness and darkness that a lot of men feel after they feel the loss of not being able to handle the sexual surge after the age of 8–12 and the invisible feel and view of not being desired.

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