It is when you hit that zen moment, and feel the full self love, and appreciation for checking the boxes you have achieved the full circle of life.

When that occurs, one has the ability to look deep within themselves and ask am I balanced? Can I take a massive loss and bounce back through the grief process and come out feeling sad but able to look at the happy and live.

Can you truly let go?

That is not for me or anyone else to know or ask or answer! If you have achieved that balance, then at this point do you desire to give to others and help with your spare energy and compassion to serve others and help others especially those that are muted, hurting, and silent.

Personal Share ignore if you don't care:

I travelled "a lot". I had a saying I would share with 20 something travels over drinks in an airline club. Quite a few times, they didn't have access so I would use a pay it forward.

I would talk about the stages of travel. The first two years it was all about wunderment and awesome feel if new hotel room, business lifestyle, airlines, expense accounts and what not (I would groan about the expense reports but I would keep it minimal)

Then I stated you entered a 2-5 year phase where all the little shit would bother you. Fuck I am not home with my family, how could you damn well lose my bags, or really another flight delay. You would see this with novice travels and/or those that scream at the airline staff.

Then you would enter in the zen phase, where I was where you just went with the flow. My favorite story was moving into a story at ORD for an American Eagle screwup. Three people in a row ripped into this good woman. Just nasty. My turn at the gate.

She looked at me, I give her my stats, and she sees I am an EXP with VIP status and I can see her put the professional mask she "has" to put on for a person with my status after being beat down for 20 minutes by disckish assholes and yes cunts*** ...

I realize my connection is hosed and that is ok! I just want to know how many bourbons can I expect to drink at the Admirals Club and I nod my head towards the club. I also want to know if I need to bring you one or a coffee?

She laughed nervously and then I smiled, and she said I needed that. She says I really don't know Mr. Tegel, I am sorry we are messed up. I wave and say nah you gave me the best gift! I can get drunk and not make it into the office. I will go into a Ruby Tuesday and finish up my drinking there at the hotel.

I asked politely, can you call the Admiral's club when pre-bordering starts please that is all I ask, and she was like sure.

I then asked how many sugars and creams. She told me, and I came back with a starbucks for her in a mug ...

Zen ...

*** I don't like using this word

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