It still interests me to see folks be hum-drum. Due to extra energy (thanks Joe and friends), I was up at 5am, I made breakfast, did the dishes, fed the cats and dogs, and then tended to the farm. Hell I even had breakfast/relax time to try to finish the Americans.

Caught up with my partner and friends, and then bounced into over 4 hours of conference calls. Not passive ones where you know you listen/zoom, engaging stuff since the projects I am on will save the company $8mil a year. The kicker I am breaking stuff in ways that our database vendor is saying WTF how the hell is he doing it.

Workers rebuilding our main barn pulled down my main 0.5 mile radius high-end access point. I then fought with some plastic plugs and was shocked by the damage from the tornado (it still worked).

I literally had plastic fused to metal. This plastic I showed on a conference call (see I do magic tricks) where I put a lighter under the plastic for 2 minutes, no melting. It was fused. The metal 90 degree brackets .... was bright silver. IT looked like someone took a butane welding torch to it.

Gotta love Mother Nature, she was like your shit survived my shit ... you are going to pay ... 90 minutes and a blood soaked cut from my hand (all good tech repairs require blood sacrifice).

More meetings, a training session that got dumped on me, then to check on workers who didn't do what I asked but hell it was 99 with a real feel of 109 so I don't blame them

Had a heart-to-heart talk with a friend that is hurting bad with COVID stuck as an expat in another country, and then finished off the discussion I didn't appreciate the dick pics and the long winded description of what we should do on a video chat (joy).

Talked to some more friends dealt with horses etc.

The key thing is ... with life. You need to keep your skills up, your discipline going, learn new and awesome things. Read and grow and learn (e.g. from this author). Live to your fullest, for the next day you may not be here.

My favorite thing though was catching up with a close friend and chit chatting about life, while doing my other parts of my job and maintenance of life.

All to support a woman who is trying to make a business go, because like Joe ... that is what real men do. The participate and do in life. They don't sit and watch youtube. Well ok .... I listened to a few songs on youtube.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.