It still reminds me of way back in college when I was drinking with my GF and her GFs. I stated you gals have it wrong in one way. You need to be able to find men that are acceptable per your feminist goals and careers and have as many kids with them.

Why? Because if we don't then the only ones having children are the ones with the highly traditional upbringing and very rigid gender stereotypes.

Let's say after that "open space" sharing is caring moment, I didn't get laid that night :)

I believe for 20mg tabs (30) it is around $600. Oh BTW most guys need 50-100mg ... so you do the math. In a way, I chuckle in a friendly there is no ill intent way, it shifts the requirement for check please from guy to gal :)

But hey .... don't stress about it (ha). There are days as I fix things I just look at the jelly beans and say thank you for making me feel happy happy ...

IMO, it is going to get worse. If I lived in the NE like I have in the past, or the island of the carribean ... I wouldn't need the pharma I take, but I live in the Black Prairies area which are horrible with allergies. So fighting (err working) with insurance to get the drugs I need is a daily thing.

Oh because medium was being special (that was the second comment I had to leave because it self-nuked itself ...

Your male friend now has an excuse if his wife catches him rubbing one out. He can say he needs to practice more to hit the cup! How dare she takes away from his practice time!

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