It takes 10,000 hours of consistent hard work to become proficient leading into becoming an expert in an area and field. If you go it alone, you increase the time to do so 2–4x.

Guys in tech and science already lack a lot of confidence in social skills as it is and lose the human touch (think Spock in Star Trek). This flaw now with folks (think mansplaining) in today’s environment creates a fatal issue.

I have a saying …

The more technically adept a person is the more socially damaged they are.

Since the technical arenas are more focused with men, and on the plus side they are learning about bias and being sensitive … the problem is they (hell myself included) don’t have the confidence to push forward when their intent is good and noble.

Don’t be fragile is the response some will say and while they are right, the counter is don’t take the risk. These conversations to men are the equivalent of a woman having to be alone walking down a street. While the physical violence doesn’t come close, it is still wrapped in the same fear blanket that men feel if they are taking the chance to create career suicide.

This would and will obviously get better when there are more women and POC (if race is an issue) in the mix. But honestly working in high tech and science based fields, there is a certain bar and level people have to have intelligence that you don’t have in other fields.

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