It used to be guys were 2–4 years behind women. Now with transactional and multitasking relationships (from what I have read about current dating and from hearing from women that are friends only) and then you combine with full scale adult entertainment that allows guys to satisfy their core needs, the practice for interpersonal communication between the genders … doesn’t happen. If you combine it more with zero tolerance for failures due to the serious failures, my adage that I heard from somewhere is now a Scotty’s factor of 4 larger.

That was before #metoo. What that is going to do … god only knows. Your anecdotal data point hammers another check plus against yeah that is right.

I am not saying I am or have been any better since mentally and emotionally I shut down for nearly two decades only trusting two women and one of them due to hard and bad relationship issues herself hurt me at the core. But because I had been actively working on my “shit”, I don’t hate her and we have defriended and moved on.

I have no answers outside of what it took me to rebuild my masculinity and as I have shared with friends and groups I am always there for guys and girls to share my experience and knowledge.

To quote Game of Thrones winter is here.

I do hope the very best for you on your search. I posted this and I believe it for guys and if I knew the author I would give her 100% author creds, since I am all in with this quote.

i don’t want to achieve equality by sinking to men’s level, i want them to get on ours! why should i have to unlearn the conversational art of waiting my turn, unlearn sexual self-restraint, unlearn trust in others' good intentions, unlearn the impulse to cater to others' needs, just to have a chance at success among savages? why can’t the men learn some fucking manners so we can all conduct our affairs in a civilized manner? i shouldn’t have to stop saying sorry, you say sorry! -- anonymous feminist writer

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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