It was funny when Yael stated that you were a kindred spirit she wasn't joking.

I learned about this by mistake and happenstance in college. I am one of the rare guys that masturbated via prone masturbation. One of the not great or great depending on how you look at it side effects is it makes you take longer to cum. The why and how this became the only way I would masturbate is not fun, but if folks ask I will share.

One night after a late night out at the bars, I was hooking up with this one woman. She was pretty much a happy slut who was full of comittment issues. What was funny is she had a curvy mom type of vibe, but well you know she really wasn't. We were drunk and high and I went to town with my usual.

I figured it wasn't going to happen, but being young and really really horny. I went all in on making her "go zoom".

And yes I did ... she had her first multi-orgasmic time, and how I knew was I was hooking up with one of her soriority friends a week later, and she said ... WTF did you do to her?

She took your shirt, and she is seriously jonesing for you. One of her friends stated he was probably gay. The reason why I rocked her world, held her after and we slept well together. The girl that proclaimed my "gayness" really continued to do so, until the girl I was with got the same taste .... She stated whatever you did to her, please do to me.

I did, but this time I really really wanted to lose it. So I "bucked it up butter cup" and heavily focused on oral (and guess what) ... she was a girl that enjoyed orgasms via the clit. I then used myself to tease her and had her bring out her vibrator. It was funnier then hell because she was like "I don't own one of those things they are for lesbians ..." [what can I say 1990s ... and midwest]. So I teased her in and out and slow and stated ... well you won't get pounded or oral unless you bring out your toys .... guess what ...

She did. and I used it.

Fast forward to today ... I personally take such great joy in watching a woman orgasm over and over. Who the fuck doesn't? The thing is as a guy, lets be real. Once you lose it ... you lose a lot of drive and everything else.

What I learned last year from practicing edging and other things with a mature focus is holy hell. You can ride 90%, feel 90%, and still can go at it hard if you desire.

Don't get me wrong that last 10% is fucking amazing, but who the hell doesn't like a constant buzz ...

And after you do this ... when you do orgasm (holy hell). Yeah ... it is good. If you have your female partner do this, let me tell you ... she feels tremendously feminine and awesome. Which boosts her confidence, and well you know the rest.

So fist bump to you. ..

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