“It’s difficult to convey to a man that male violence, on every level of the spectrum, isn’t just deeply personal but literally everywhere, and some of us haven’t had the privilege of ignoring it until now.”

Until a man experiences it directly only then do the get the understanding of the Pandora’s box. The kiss of death with this is while the quantity of pain from this “shit-storm” and the invisible yelling that all women feel is spread out painfully across a very large part of the population, men get a larger dose based upon the “devil’s system of our culture [i.e. called Patriarchy by some]” in that is beyond twisted.

Men can’t lead the talk about the problems women feel, but they can actively listen, and push back other men who act and behave poorly and inhumanly and try to be positive beacons of light for younger boys and impressionable men in real life.

When these men pick and choose high quality mates/partners in their relationship and when these become the norm, the bad actors and actresses in our society will become the fringe element and not the reality that is here.

In some situations, the only thing one should do is listen and think ok I hear your pain, do I do and reinforce the situation that has made a person cry out in pain and suffering or do I help. Then look at one’s relationships and see how one can give to others, and when the day is done, and a person’s pain comes to light (e.g. I am horny all the time and I need release with a partner) that person/partner sees that and feels safe and secure enough to say holy shit … how can I help you and be in a partnership with you ….


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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