Jesus Joe Duncan are you living in my head.

Men fear powerful women because they are confronted with the failure and knowledge that they aren't human enough to stand a chance at any level.

My greatest side example: Periods.

I assumed it was all pain and no gain. When I had intimacy with a woman on a period and enjoyed it and she did too but said ow or ew or um

It made me flashback to my own trauma and made me build a wall in my sexual soul and masculinity.

Several women (Yael Wolfe, Ena Dahl, and Gaby Rosales)broke that wall down with friendship and education.

That is the definition of true power, love for humanity, leadership and friendship.

Who wouldn't want that? Well, we know ... not men but biological males playing like boys through the arc of their lives pretending to be men and worse off tarnishing the name “men” for which you and I other work hard to maintain.

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