Keep on fighting on dismantling the brick walls separating your soul from your body and the world.

Your battle is no different then mine so this ill/issue traverses the gender universe.

You will get there as will I … we both just need to give it time.

Personal share …

Had to re-drop our farm truck for more repair work (from the tornado hit we took in May). I expected my partner to go drop the keys off when she came to the car. Her comment … I didn’t wear a bra and didn’t feel like it. She has perky B’s (my sexual preference has never been about breasts and women with A’s and B’s are super fine in my book). I shook my head and took the keys, and she said … you know I can’t show my headlights to the women in there ….

Of course while I was walking I had devious thoughts and said trust me I am sure there are some women out there that would so love to be with you (she is a 5'3" very athletic redhead).

How funny is life to give me the blessings of reading about your struggles and then seeing two different women talk about the same topic within the span of 24 hours ….

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