Laundry, dishes, beds. 100% me. I don’t mind doing it. She cooks because I suck (bouncing eggs), but I still try.

So is everything 50%/50%? The problem with nuclear solutions (it worked for you congratulations), is it is like a broken clock. It can work twice a day and being explosive everywhere else.

That being said, being clear, concise and direct you were and that is critical in a relationship. One reality that doesn’t show in the article are what things do you emotionally and physically pick up for him in return. I would be interested to hear a counter argument view that shows a give and take. When people attack the article, that is probably what they are responding to.

Do note, I am not judging you (even though my questions may sound jaded), and men do have to pick up the slack. Care has to be taken, since there are a lot of men now that question why even bother with a heterosexual relationship anymore. The disconnect between the genders are starting to drift farther and farther apart.

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