Learned something new about the female experience, so thank you for sharing!

In times like this, with the Black Panther actor passing, self care matters.

Part of my “Manning up” (ugh do not like the phrase but it is what rolled off my tongue), was getting a GP and doing the health work.

From there what I started to fix with Sleep Apnea and finding out the karmic kick in the pants was the area of Texas I moved to had a fatal flaw to it for me.

Cat IV allergies. Every blade of grass and tree which BTW activated 10 months out of the year with weeds and their cycle, made it like COVID season for me.

Without a female doctor, who by the way her bedside matter sucks, I might not be here to type this.

How serious is it? Immunotherapy shots on the order of 40K a year. If I move to a desert, a villa sitting out over the Pacific, be a snow 🐰 man … zero issues.

But I am in it to win it with my partner and her horses, so that means sucking it up and doing the doctors work, and that also means attacking all the lifestyle choices.

So … good work on tackling the fear of doctors in the era of Covid. Way to “woman up” 😀 but wait women do that by default ….

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