Like you called out … be careful with anger. The emotional damage even when effectively used lasts longer than the initial burst.

It taints the soul in insidious ways. It does have a purpose, for example after my rape when I caught the rapist and pummeled him into oblivion and through him out a second story window, I released a lot of heat.

That being said, I didn’t process it externally for several decades due to comments from my ex-gf at the time (short story ….. she stated I was gay and I asked for it) … the toxicity from not processing it …. well anyone that knows that anger should think about how one would feel if you kept it tapped up for 22 years ….

So you will never see me tell a woman to smile … I will complement her on her actions and her being and if consented and friends share if I feel truly with good intent that I love her smile.

My partner gives zero fucks and goes full blast (in fact I am far more reserved). It amazes how she can go from nuclear bomb to a few hours later to processed and done. I don’t run that way (I guess I am a nice girl in action then right?) and what is hard is anger effects the ability to be intimate (i.e. I am demisexual).

So take care of using that emotion but don’t stop from using it ever, just make sure one takes self love and care after the damn bursts.

As a man … I find angry women attractive because they are being real. I don’t do stupid and I definitely don’t do fake. I leave those biological females for the boys of society. Only women trying and working and being happy, angry, sexy, loving, friendly, professional can ride the friendship bus with me ….

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