Maybe one day we will have that world, right now there are a lot of women using words (which is the right thing to do) that the quality and quantity of biological males that can truly call themselves “men” is not there. To be a man means being mindful with their masculinity. It means embracing and empowering the positive aspects of the societal defined gender, and using words and doing the emotional labor work to handle the trauma and loss that is seen with sexuality and life and redirecting it to more valuable pursuits “or” stepping away from society and dealing with it appropriately.

The reality is though …. people are tired, scared, thirsty for intimacy, and what not.

I have a saying, you can gauge the quality of a society by how they raise boys (presumed CIS male) into men. What can we say about how American society does this?

So people will judge and use generalizations, and given people (on average) only will give another 8–10 seconds (unlike yourself which speaks volumes) to respond … I provided the terse and concise one sentence reply.

Since you were a person with the capacity and depth, I expanded on the intent and words for you.

I do hope if you desire the mindful masculine based “men” in your life that you are surrounded by the 5% I defined as the unicorns. From what I have seen in medium and in social media and the press …. women are saying the opposite and the male populace as a whole are silent due to a lack of confidence (and/or tools) to speak forth.

Thank you for the deeper discussion, and remember I am attempting to provide an honest and open male view on these topics.

FYI: You aren’t wrong and I share your sentiment about generalizations. On that aspect, if I offended you I am sorry Federica M Micheli.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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